Is Spravato Right For Me?

Spravato, an esketamine nasal spray, is a unique medication that targets specific kinds of depression. Even so, Spravato may not be appropriate for all patients and is only approved for treatment-resistant depression. This assessment is the preliminary step to figure out if Spravato is right for you. Then call The Counseling Center to discuss future steps.

*This assessment should not be considered a substitute for a proper clinical appraisal.

What Is Spravato And Treatment-Resistant Depression?

Spravato is the proprietary name for the drug esketamine, a nasal spray used along with oral antidepressants to treat depression. In particular, it's approved for those with treatment-resistant depression. Taken under medical observation, Spravato affects particular receptors in the brain to help form new pathways and mitigate the symptoms of depression.

You may have treatment-resistant depressive disorder if:

  • You are confirmed to have a type of depression
  • You have tried at least two different antidepressant medications previously
  • You are presently experiencing moderate to severe depression symptoms

Obtain more info about how Spravato may help you break out of your depression by contacting The Counseling Center at 866-850-5001 or submitting the form below.

How The Counseling Center Can Assist You In Controlling Your Depression

Whether Spravato is right for you or not, The Counseling Center can still help you find solutions for your mental health. Get support for depression and anxiety with

Treatment for depression starts with a private assessment that considers past history, intensity of current symptoms, and prescription medicine. Once complete, we will formulate a custom care plan to achieve your mental health targets. This could include medicine, individual counseling, and/or group counseling.