Tame Your Anger with Evidence-Based Anger Therapy on the East Coast

The positive and negative emotions of human existence are inescapable. These emotions can become overwhelming and get the better of us and, for some, cause uncontrollable anger. Addiction and substance abuse are closely connected with anger as triggers and results of negative behaviors or acting out. Where some might get sad and wallow, those prone to anger can fly into a rage at the slightest upset, which they often don’t remember, causing their lives to be stressful and hurting those around them. However, there is a remedy for those seeking a positive outcome for their situation: to seek Anger Management.

The Counseling Centers’ Anger Management counseling provides education on how to control your anger by using techniques that identify the source and can, over time, prevent it before it starts. Anger management will teach you to calm yourself and find peace before resorting to anger and violence to resolve a conflict. Identify the environmental, mental, and conversational triggers that cause anger, and learn to control them before a situation escalates. There is no need to suffer; take the first step and find help at The Counseling Center.