Our Mission

At The Counseling Center, our goal is to give you the opportunity to better your mental health and manage the co-occurring disorders that often coincide with substance and alcohol use. The clinicians at our outpatient treatment center will provide the support you need to understand yourself better, develop effective coping skills, and overcome substance use by dealing with the causes of addiction. Each individual who calls us will find the nurturing, expert assistance they must have for a lasting recovery.

Patients at The Counseling Center

Why Get Help At The Counseling Center?

For many individuals, mental disorders or trauma lies at the root of substance use disorder. Confronting these underlying causes provides a better likelihood of long-lasting recovery. Our highly trained substance use clinicians utilize an array of techniques to identify and manage the origins of your addiction. By undergoing therapy and other treatments, you'll learn new coping skills and discover how to elevate your mental health. Then you can implement these tools to lead a life of sobriety.

According to your specific needs, you may join one of the following programs:

You'll enjoy personalized care adapted to you within all of these programs. As you enroll, you’ll undergo a thorough evaluation and meet with our personnel to figure out which program would fit your recovery targets most appropriately. We'll create a treatment plan with group and individual therapies to help you manage your substance or alcohol use and put your life back together.

Our Staff

Alicia Jennings Executive Director The Counseling Center
Alicia Jennings, MSW, LCSW, CCSWS, DRCC
Executive Director
Executive Director, Alicia Jennings, started her career as a social worker with a passion for treating psychiatric and mental health disorders. However, seeing the rise in co-occurring disorders, she shifted her focus on the growing need for simultaneous treatment of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Alicia earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from Ramapo College and a master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University.
Kristie Ashe Clinical Supervisor The Counseling Center
Kristie Ashe, MSW, LCSW
Clinical Director
A 20+ year veteran working in substance abuse and mental health treatment, Clinical Supervisor and Director of Mental Health Treatment Programming, Kristie Ashe, earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Trinity College of Vermont and a master’s degree in Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University. As the Director of Mental Health Treatment Programming, Kristie facilitates both the individual and group sessions.
Tom Roskin Community Outreach The Counseling Center
Tom Roskin
Tom Roskin grew up in Roslyn, NY and graduated from Syracuse University (Bachelor of Arts). His work as Outreach Coordinator for The Counseling Center allows him to communicate with people all over New Jersey and New York, helping connect providers to the individuals seeking help and the resources they need to improve their lives.

About Praesum Healthcare

The Counseling Center is an integral part of the Praesum Healthcare family. Praesum established its inaugural facility in 2004 after we recognized a necessity for more personalized substance use and mental health treatment in areas across the Atlantic Coast. We now provide exceptional behavioral health services at numerous treatment centers in five states.

Our objective has been to treat addiction with evidence-based procedures tailored to the people and families we work with. We believe we are more equipped to help people attain lasting sobriety by staying focused on their specific requirements and serving them with dignity. Each kind of facility in our operation addresses a specific stage of the addiction recovery process, but regardless of which phase you’re at, you'll encounter the same outstanding treatment and benevolence that Praesum is well-known for providing.

Understanding Our Continuum of Care

If you are looking for assistance with drug or alcohol use, The Counseling Center is the leading outpatient treatment center. However, our focused therapies are most valuable once you have finished other treatment programs first, like detox and inpatient rehabilitation. If you are considering addiction services in advance of or along with joining one of our therapy programs, you should inquire about our other behavioral health facilities:

Our Accreditations

There’s no need to worry about the level of your addiction care. The Counseling Center is an accredited, trusted behavioral healthcare treatment center. The Joint Commission has given us a Gold Seal of Approval for our devotion to the highest level of treatment and medical compliance.

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When you’re set to explore drug or alcohol use with a licensed counselor at The Counseling Center, call 866-850-5001 or fill out the form below. We respond 24 hours a day, seven days. We are here for you.

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