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Addiction And Mental Health Counseling On The East Coast

If you’re dealing with a substance use and mental health disorder, you need all the assistance you can find. Although individual therapy with the professionals at The Counseling Center is key for moving forward, there’s also a powerful impact from discussion with fellow patients through group counseling. Throughout group counseling, you’ll get to hear about the experiences of other individuals and express your own in a confidential, social environment. By engaging in group therapy, you’ll benefit from the validation and support that only other individuals going through the same experience can provide.

Who Is Welcome To Engage In Our Group Therapy

The Counseling Center serves adults and teenagers age 14 or older. Our group therapy is for patients who require ongoing assistance for mental illness and addiction recovery. Since we are an outpatient treatment facility, we assist patients who are medically sound enough to return home and do not require 24-hour professional care.

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How Group Counseling Bolsters Mental Health

Mental illnesses can make you feel isolated. The Counseling Center’s group counseling allows you to step away from everyday life and engage other individuals in a relaxed setting. You’ll enjoy the same benefits of individual counseling with an additional social component. In lieu of talking things through with a single person, you can listen to different opinions from other individuals dealing with similar challenges.

While loved ones and friends might not identify with your mental health difficulties, your fellow patients in group therapy know exactly how you feel. You’ll have the opportunity to share your opinions and emotions with people who understand and won’t judge you. Hearing about others’ situations will help you feel less different or lonely. You can also work on social skills and practice forming healthy relationships in a controlled environment.

Through the use of validated psychotherapy methodologies under the direction of a skilled clinician, your group will learn ways for dealing with your disorder and life skills in general. Collectively, all participants will boost their self-respect and cultivate the confidence they need to lead happier lives.

How Group Counseling Helps With Addiction Recovery

Drug and alcohol use recovery treatment takes several stages. Once you finish detox and rehabilitation programs, you still require and are entitled to continued . The objective of counseling at The Counseling Center is to help you identify what triggers substance use and discover techniques to steer clear of or control those triggers so you don’t suffer a [[relapse]91]. In group counseling, you’ll talk about your experiences with substance use with other people who have dealt with the same or similar situations. Together, you can converse about coping methods that have been effective for you and learn from others’ perspectives. You’ll also work on crucial social skills like:

  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Coping with challenging people
  • Managing stress
  • Conflict resolution
  • Healing relationships

Working in a group helps you overcome the negative feelings caused by drug and alcohol addiction. SupportedEncouraged by other individuals who know what you’re going through, you’re less likely to experience feelings of loneliness or embarrassment. You’ll be able to communicate openly with others without fear of judgment and cultivate self-confidence as you become part of their group. Eventually, you’ll establish nurturing relationships with other group members that might exist outside your group. The constructive feedback and positivity of group counseling is essential for long-lasting sobriety.

 What You Should Expect During Group Therapy At The Counseling Center

At The Counseling Center, you can expect customized care that takes into account your distinct challenges and targets. Prior to setting up your group therapy sessions, we’ll do a private assessment to grasp your medical history and decide how group counseling aligns with your individualized plan of treatment. To begin, please contact 866-850-5001 and schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment for your assessment.

Nearly all of our patients will attend group counseling no less than once per week, but you are able to go each day if you are enrolled in our partial hospitalization program. During group sessions, you’ll meet with a skilled practitioner and a group of no more than 15 people. Your group will have individuals with the same disorder as you and at a similar point in their mental health or substance use journey.

Your therapist will guide the discussion, but group attendees do the majority of the talking. Eventually, everyone will have the chance to share what they struggle with and get advice for managing it from their fellow participants with comparable difficulties. Together, you’ll find remedies, work on life skills, and establish beneficial social bonds. Many bonds formed during group counseling turn into mutually supportive and cherished long-lasting friendships outside of The Counseling Center.

Looking For Group Counseling On The East Coast?

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