Healing from Co-Dependency with Comprehensive Treatment on the East Coast

A relationship in which one person enables or overlooks another person’s self-destructive patterns is considered co-dependency. These relationships are dysfunctional because one person takes on a role, often unknowingly, that encourages the other person’s negative behavior. These traits can be perpetuated and passed on to children or others living in the same environment. Co-dependency treatment is essential for someone struggling with long-term addiction or mental illness.

The cycle of co-dependency in a spousal or familial relationship slowly erodes feelings and expressions of love. As a result, it becomes difficult for those engaged in a co-dependent situation to show unconditional love for each other. The Counseling Centers’ Co-dependency Treatment identifies enabling conditions and self-destructive patterns while offering solutions for changing or replacing this behavior with other more constructive and positive actions that will break the cycle of co-dependency.