Rebuilding Stronger Marriages through Marital Counseling on the East Coast

Couples counseling addresses the adverse effect of drug or alcohol addiction on a relationship. Addiction can turn a loving, healthy relationship into one where one party is isolated, blamed for the other’s poor behavior, and may even want to separate or end the relationship, causing the addict to escape further into drug or alcohol use for relief. Before the damage is irreparable, couples therapy can reunite two people back together into a new partnership to move forward and heal together.

Success in recovery is largely dependent on support, encouragement, and understanding from your partner. Couples Therapy at The Counseling Center, provided by licensed therapists, helps couples confront the problems in the relationship and resolve them in a safe and positive environment. The private clinical setting encourages couples to discuss their concerns more honestly and openly than at home, where it is easy to deviate from the topic and enter into blaming and backlashing. This specialized therapy is an effective way for couples to re-establish a once close connection and provide the support necessary for a successful recovery journey.