Manage Stress Effectively with Our Comprehensive Stress Management

Running a business, job responsibilities, taking care of your children, and schoolwork are all activities that can cause disruptions in your life. These stressors are normal, but when the negative effects seep into other areas of life, it’s time to seek help. Learning to manage stress becomes crucial and teaching you how to better manage and deal with stressful situations is vital in recovery.

The Counseling Center’s Stress Management therapy teaches healthy ways to support your psyche when met with large amounts of stress, allowing your mental health to survive what would otherwise be an adverse environment. Some examples of Stress Management include repeated phrases to avoid a panic attack, breathing techniques, methods of relaxation, and the ability to perceive a situation for what it truly is rather than how our minds distort it. These techniques effectively reclaim your life from the onslaught of thoughts and preoccupations that threaten you and allow you to find a healthier, happier, and peaceful state of being