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East Coast Bipolar Disorder Treatment

It’s tough to navigate life when you are battling the ups and downs of bipolar disorder. But there’s no reason you have to struggle by yourself. The Counseling Center is your source for professional bipolar disorder treatment for teenagers and adults who need assistance handling their condition and discovering how to live with it. If you’re ready to regain control of your life, reach out to us at 866-850-5001, and we’ll start customizing a course of action so you are able to cope with your bipolar disorder.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition. When you are dealing with bipolar disorder, you encounter severe mood fluctuations between emotional highs called mania or hypomania phases and emotional lows known as depressive stages. These drastic mood swings can influence your energy levels, sleep patterns, decision making, and everyday activities. You might have heightened energy to the point of agitation, making it challenging to fall asleep, pay attention, or make good decisions during a manic or hypomanic period. Then during depressive episodes, you may feel depressed or desolate, lose interest in routine activities, have changes in sleep and eating patterns, and even grapple with suicidal thoughts.

There are different types of bipolar and related disorders. Some of the most common ones are

  • Bipolar 1 disorder: You’ve experienced at least one manic period that lasted longer than a week and possibly depressive periods as well.
  • Bipolar 2 disorder: You’ve had no less than one depressive period and symptoms of hypomania for a minimum of four days.
  • Cyclothymic disorder: You’ve endured both depressive and hypomanic episodes for two years or more, or your symptoms aren’t extreme enough to designate as bipolar 1 or 2.

Whatever your bipolar diagnosis, living with this condition is challenging, and you have a right to expert help. Our bipolar treatment center provides a safe space where you can obtain bipolar treatment from trained mental health professionals. Bipolar disorders aren’t able to be “cured”, but we are able to help you grasp your symptoms and find ways to progress in life with bipolar. Reach out to us at 866-850-5001 today to arrange an evaluation and begin exploring your treatment goals.

How Will The Counseling Center Treat Bipolar Disorder?

We have a good understanding of how bipolar disorders affect every aspect of your life. We offer professional bipolar treatment  to help you take charge of your bipolar disorder and live life the way you want. You are entitled to proficient mental health services, and we are glad to treat and support you for however long you need.

The Counseling Center takes a two-tiered approach to bipolar disorder, tackling it with both medication and therapy. When you contact us about bipolar disorder treatment, we’ll start by arranging an evaluation of your symptoms and medical history. When we have a thorough understanding of your specific requirements, we’ll design you a personal care strategy that utilizes evidence-based treatment techniques.

Bipolar Disorder Medication For Controlling Symptoms

Bipolar disorders are most effectively managed with medications that help balance mood. They can prevent the intense mood fluctuations you undergo with bipolar and, by doing so, the effects of those ups and downs. While it may require some exploration to establish the appropriate medication and amount, our experienced professionals will partner with you throughout the process to determine what works for you and make adjustments as needed.

Bipolar Disorder Therapy

Gaining control over your bipolar disorder also necessitates therapy and reflection. Exploring your feelings with a skilled therapist is able to help you sort through the various emotions and triggers of your disorder, so you can develop positive coping skills. Therapy coupled with the correct medication can help you take charge of your life and do the things you want without your disorder getting in the way.

Our practitioners use many kinds of bipolar therapy. The types of therapy you receive is dependent on your unique plan of care but might involve:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to change detrimental thinking and behavioral patterns deriving from depressive episodes
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) to learn healthy ways to deal with the distressing emotions surrounding bipolar disorder
  • Motivational interviewing to discover internal motivation for cultivating healthy habits to improve your life
  • Trauma-informed therapy to address how traumatic incidents have contributed to your bipolar disorder

Why Enter Our Bipolar Disorder Treatment Center?

Professional treatment is the best way to control bipolar disorder so that you can lead a fulfilling life. The Counseling Center works to provide a safe setting where you feel relaxed getting treatment from our sympathetic team. We know you’ll enjoy the highest level of success handling your bipolar disorder when you receive first-rate care in all areas of treatment. This is the reason why we provide top-notch care with things such as

  • Credentialed, skilled therapists and clinicians
  • Proven therapy and medical treatment for bipolar disorders
  • Support tailored to your needs
  • Many levels of mental health treatments
  • Easy-to-find location
  • Flexible schedules with telehealth appointments available
  • Majority of insurance plans accepted
  • Specialized support for co-occurring alcohol or drug use disorders

Get Help With Bipolar Disorder Treatment

If bipolar disorder is interfering with your life, support is available today. Call The Counseling Center at 866-850-5001 or complete the form on this page, and we will reply promptly to speak with you about bipolar treatment and our services. Reach out to us anytime, and we will help you.