Combat Depression With SPRAVATO

It's difficult to live a fulfilling life when depression is blocking your path. And although there are a range of choices of treatment available, they won’t be the answer in every situation. If you’ve explored various possibilities and still agonize over overwhelming depression, The Counseling Center may be able to help. Our accredited therapists are experienced in managing treatment-resistant depression with a medication called SPRAVATO®.


Spravato (esketamine) CIII is taken as a nasal spray and used to combat treatment-resistant depression (TRD). When you have sought help from a minimum of two antidepressant medications with minimal relief of depressive symptoms, using SPRAVATO could be beneficial. Many individuals finally gain a reprieve from their depression when taking SPRAVATO alongside an antidepressant. Numerous individuals who take SPRAVATO alongside an oral antidepressant experience lowered depression symptoms in four weeks. Clinical studies have shown the effects of SPRAVATO can be experienced within one day of the initial dose.

SPRAVATO is a derivative of ketamine. It is the lone form of ketamine in the US that is authorized for the treatment of depression. It stimulates certain brain neurotransmitters and helps them transmit messages more effectively to govern mood and decrease negative symptoms of depression.

How Do I Know If I Have Treatment-Resistant Depression?

Numerous people effectively alleviate depression with commonly used medications. But if you have tested out no less than two differing antidepressants with little to no improvement, you could be inflicted with treatment-resistant depression. Symptoms of this disorder include:

  • No response to antidepressants and therapy following multiple weeks
  • Temporary improvements offset by a return of symptoms
  • More intensive or extended episodes of depression
  • Onset of anxiety or more frequent anxiety

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, speak to a medical professional to explore your options.

Who May Benefit From SPRAVATO?

SPRAVATO is only given to adults afflicted with treatment-resistant depression. It has side effects, and the presence of specific pre-existing conditions might prohibit you from using SPRAVATO.

At The Counseling Center, we only provide suitable treatment based on your unique set of circumstances. Prior to prescribing medication to combat mental disorders, we will examine your physical and psychiatric background. You’ll consult with one of our physicians to determine if SPRAVATO is right for you in addition to other antidepressants and continuing therapy.

*Insurance and Self-Pay options are available.

If we determine you are a viable candidate for SPRAVATO, we’ll proceed with this medication and give you a timetable for receiving it at our approved facility. You may take SPRAVATO for any amount of time that you and your doctor feel it is helping you manage your depression.

How Might SPRAVATO Play A Role In Substance Use Recovery?

Numerous people who are afflicted by treatment-resistant depression also face alcohol or drug use disorders. Depression makes it a challenge to do all the steps required to prevail over these disorders. At The Counseling Center, we provide care for substance use disorders and the mental illnesses that foster them. If you haven’t identified a worthwhile treatment for depression at present, and it’s hindering your addiction recovery, we may write a prescription for SPRAVATO.

When you find some relief for depression, it’s easier to steer clear of harmful substances. SPRAVATO can give you the edge you are in need of to keep going with your addiction therapy and stay sober.

Battling With Substance Use And Depression? We Are Here To Help

If depression is interfering with your drug or alcohol use recovery, help is available. Place a call to 866-850-5001 or complete the form on this page, and we’ll reply promptly, regardless of the day or hour. We are standing by for you now. You don’t have to go through this alone.