Reclaim Your Life through Individual Counseling on the East Coast

Individual counseling is an essential part of recovery for an individual ready to start a new life. The person may find difficulty bringing to the surface situations they are reluctant to share because they find them shameful. They may have experienced sharing sensitive details with friends or family who later used this information to judge or criticize, which prevents the patient from analyzing their problem, learning from the experience, and moving forward. Individual counseling involves only the therapist and patient, and this environment offers the patient the safety of discussing sensitive details the patient must overcome without the fear of judgment. During treatment at The Counseling Center, you will receive weekly individual therapy from licensed and experienced counselors in a safe space with great respect for privacy.

Individual therapy is effective because it establishes a personal, private connection between the therapist, who holds a position of trust, and the patient, who can externalize the problems associated with their addiction without fear of judgment. An individual may not feel comfortable sharing, for example, a history of abuse with a group of people. Yet, this information may be a key to the person’s recovery, and they are more likely, to be honest about it during individual counseling with their therapist.

When a person has decided to seek help for a mental disorder or quit using alcohol and drugs, many past traumas will likely surface. Treatment involves changing the way the mind processes information or thinks. One-on-one counseling and group counseling are the primary methods used in re-programming self. However, when it concerns addiction or mental health, the individual is not the only one who struggles with a deteriorating situation.