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The Counseling Center offers complete substance use and mental health treatments. When you come to our welcoming facility, you’ll have access to the services you need to have to boost your recovery efforts. We’ll help you cope with daily life without relying on alcohol or drugs.

Prior to your arrival, check out our intensive outpatient FAQs. You’ll see answers to many of your questions below. If you still need information about something in particular, call 866-850-5001 at any hour for guidance.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is recommended for patients who require ongoing support for addiction recovery and mental health. Dissimilar to residential treatment programs, you’ll go home following therapy at our outpatient location. Our program lets you maintain your daily commitments while still receiving treatment for mental health disorders and drug or alcohol use.

Most patients who start IOP with us have already finalized detox and residential rehab programs. Now they’re prepared to delve into issues in a more thorough manner through therapy to address the mental side of substance use. The Counseling Center provides several levels of intensive outpatient care based on where you are in your recovery. Following a medical evaluation, we design a customized treatment plan adapted to your requirements. At this time, you’ll get started with various therapy sessions each week administered by our skilled counselors. In therapy, you’ll learn how to live without alcohol or drugs and how to handle any mental disorders that contributed to substance use in the first place.

Since we adapt our treatments to each individual we care for, The Counseling Center employs several therapy methods to accommodate your specialized demands. Despite this fact, practically all individuals go to some blend of group, individual, and family therapy.

All therapy is conducted by licensed clinicians who are here to serve you. Throughout treatment, you may delve into topics like:

  • How disorders -- such as trauma, anxiety, or bipolar disorder -- trigger drug and alcohol use 
  • Post-acute withdrawal syndrome · How to avoid relapse 
  • The role of 12-Step programs during recovery 
  • What families can do to cope during addiction recovery


In addition, you’ll obtain support for any co-occurring or mental health disorders that played a role in your drug or alcohol use. Contingent on your specific diagnosis, you might receive:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • Motivational interviewing


There isn’t a single reply for this because everyone has differing recovery objectives and advances through our substance use and mental health therapy with a personalized schedule. Quite a few individuals go to therapy for eight weeks while others maintain their treatment for three years or longer. And, naturally, you are encouraged to return whenever you need to.

Outpatient treatment and inpatient treatment are different phases of care. At inpatient treatment, you live in residential facilities with access to caregivers 24/7. Inpatient options provide you a safe environment to step away from external forces and receive ongoing support when you detox or recover from drugs or alcohol or are in danger of suffering a relapse when in rehab.

Outpatient options are appropriate if you have progressed enough in your recovery where you don’t need constant supervision or medical care. Outpatient facilities help you stay sober with peer support sessions and therapy while allowing you to balance your everyday obligations. You could attend treatment a few days every week but stay in your own home as you keep working to lasting sobriety.

The Counseling Center is a secular entity. Even though we believe your own spirituality may play a part in substance use recovery, we do not base our treatment on any religious doctrine.

We feel the 12-step approach to counseling is effective for numerous individuals. Our facility uses a number of principles of 12-step programs, like a focus on group therapy in our treatment. We even host 12-step meetings on-site, and most of the patients we treat take part in these. With that in mind, our driving force is to always supply personalized treatment for your exact needs.

We highly endorse family engagement in therapy, and we conduct weekly family support groups. Our skilled family counselors will help you and your family:


  • Understand addiction and mental health 
  • Handle the stress of substance use recovery 
  • Improve communication skills 
  • Resolve concerns 
  • Detect co-dependency patterns 
  • Regain trust 
  • Find how to aid each other


Your family members may want to start by participating in a family education meeting. These conferences are conducted Wednesday evenings and provide families helpful tips about supporting a relative in substance use recovery.

The first step in getting drug and alcohol therapy is to reach out to us at 866-850-5001 to schedule an appointment for an assessment. This meeting will help us understand your medical history and where you are in your drug or alcohol use recovery. With that information, we can design a personalized treatment plan and schedule the therapy sessions that will be of most benefit to you.

Your assessment consists of:


  • Interviews 
  • Completion of questionnaires 
  • Medical history evaluation 
  • Psycho-social evaluations 
  • Breath and/or urine analysis


The results and your candid feedback will give us the ability to construct the right course of treatment for you.

Would you like more information about The Counseling Center? Need help getting drug or alcohol use treatment? We are here for you. Contact 866-850-5001 or submit the form on this page and obtain an immediate reply from one of our specialists. Get the help you need today.

No, IOP will not include detox or inpatient rehab treatment. If you aren’t sure if you require one of these options before exploring outpatient treatment at The Counseling Center, you are encouraged to call 866-850-5001. A member of our team will answer you immediately and advise you on how to find the care you need at a different facility.

The Counseling Center works with individuals who have completed resident rehab programs and are stable enough to reside on their own but seek ongoing support for sobriety and mental health. If you would like to refer someone to our facility, they must be:

  • At least 14 years old
  • Gone through detox for alcohol and/or drugs
  • Medically stable
  • In need of professional support for sustaining sobriety or dealing with mental health illness
  • Devoted to attend mental health sessions with counselors to treat drug or alcohol use and co-occurring disorders

Absolutely! Our team members maintain the privacy of all patient records and communications. We only speak about their recovery with them, you as their healthcare provider, and their approved family members.

When you contact The Counseling Center, a member of our team will respond immediately, regardless of the time or day of the week. We’ll figure out if our treatments make sense for the person’s needs at the moment or if they ought to seek out a different kind of care for their present stage of addiction or mental health rehabilitation.

If we determine The Counseling Center is the ideal choice for them, we’ll proceed with a psychological assessment and explore insurance and payment options. Once this is complete, we’ll discuss the proper course of action for them and get them enrolled in one of our customizable outpatient programs.

The Counseling Center costs in are contingent on several important details:

  • The kind of service you are given
  • Whether you have insurance or not
  • Your out-of-pocket insurance costs
  • If you are self-paying: at what frequency will you be participating in services.

When you speak with our staff about receiving services at our facility, they are able to inform you on the cost of your care for a period of time and record your insurance information. After corresponding with your insurance company, we can supply a more precise estimate of the cost of your initial treatment at our location. As you continue to get treatment, we’ll communicate with you regarding additional costs. Whenever you have questions about anything payment related, we’ll be pleased to talk.

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Would you like more information about The Counseling Center? Need help getting drug or alcohol use treatment? We are here for you. Contact 866-850-5001 or submit the form on this page and obtain an immediate reply from one of our specialists. Get the help you need today.