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Mental Health And Addiction Services Referrals

If you’re a medical professional searching for drug or alcohol addiction and mental health services for someone you treat, The Counseling Center is standing by to help. Our streamlined treatment referrals make it effortless for you to ask for addiction or mental health counseling. In the event you or one of your patients reaches out to us, we’ll be ready to get started with the skilled, personalized treatment people depend on.

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How To Refer Patients To The Counseling Center

To request outpatient drug rehab or mental health referrals to The Counseling Center, you may notify us by

Our skilled representatives will take your patient’s important info and reach out to provide insight into the next steps and provide answers to any immediate questions. If the patient is presently getting treatment from your healthcare facility, we’ll ensure an easy switchover to The Counseling Center. We also have the ability to structure the patient's personal plan of care to work in conjunction with other outside providers.

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Arrange A Tour Of The Counseling Center

We are always happy to work with other medical experts and would like to provide you and your team a more in-depth peek at our substance use and mental health facility in . As a matter of fact, we have many centrally located facilities for patients to choose from depending on where they are on their path of addiction recovery:

  • Sunrise Detox for inpatient alcohol and drug detox
  • Evolve Recovery Center for residential drug or alcohol addiction rehab
  • The Counseling Center for ongoing outpatient substance use and mental health support

To gain further insight about the services along our continuum of care, reach out to 866-850-5001 and request a tour to visit with us. We’ll be pleased to take you around and discuss how we can collaborate to aid those impacted by addiction in our communities regain control over their lives.

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Start The Insurance Coverage Process

The Counseling Center strives to keep costs as affordable as possible and welcomes the majority of insurance providers. We aren’t able to accept Medicaid at this time.

One of the initial things we do is take your patient’s insurance and work with their provider to determine what amount of our treatment they’ll provide coverage for. We then immediately tell patients what their share of the cost will be so they can figure out if they wish to get treatment here. If a patient is uninsured, we’ll provide the self-pay rate upfront and discuss options for payment.

Frequent Questions Concerning Our Addiction Services Referrals

The Counseling Center is pleased to answer your questions about our drug and alcohol use and mental health services. If you don’t find the information you’re searching for here, contact us at 866-850-5001 anytime to obtain the answers you need.

The Counseling Center works with individuals who have completed resident rehab programs and are stable enough to reside on their own but seek ongoing support for sobriety and mental health. If you would like to refer someone to our facility, they must be:

  • At least 14 years old
  • Gone through detox for alcohol and/or drugs
  • Medically stable
  • In need of professional support for sustaining sobriety or dealing with mental health illness
  • Devoted to attend mental health sessions with counselors to treat drug or alcohol use and co-occurring disorders

Absolutely! Our team members maintain the privacy of all patient records and communications. We only speak about their recovery with them, you as their healthcare provider, and their approved family members.

When you contact The Counseling Center, a member of our team will respond immediately, regardless of the time or day of the week. We’ll figure out if our treatments make sense for the person’s needs at the moment or if they ought to seek out a different kind of care for their present stage of addiction or mental health rehabilitation.

If we determine The Counseling Center is the ideal choice for them, we’ll proceed with a psychological assessment and explore insurance and payment options. Once this is complete, we’ll discuss the proper course of action for them and get them enrolled in one of our customizable outpatient programs.

Help One Of Your Patients Get Help For Addiction

Regardless of where your patient is within their addiction or mental health rehabilitation, we are able to help. Reach out to 866-850-5001 or submit the form below. A member of our team will answer and assist you immediately in locating the suitable kind of care.