Expert Psychiatric Care for Better Mental Health on the East Coast

The intensive outpatient care at The Counseling Center offers mental health treatment for individuals who have concurrent drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues and need both medication and therapy as part of their individual treatment plan. Outpatient psychiatric care is provided by a medical doctor with the ability to prescribe medication needed as part of the treatment plan designed for the individual. Combined with individual and group therapy, medication prescribed in psychiatric care helps control symptoms associated with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, or depression, in addition to the investigative approach of traditional psychiatric treatment.

IOP psychiatric care is recommended and provided when the symptoms of the person in treatment are too severe and prevent, or in some form hinder, their overall participation in the treatment plan. The patient’s treatment plan is determined after thorough assessments. Psychiatric care includes individual psychotherapy sessions with a psychiatrist, who will, if necessary, prescribe medication in accordance to the diagnosis of the patient. There may be instances when it may be necessary to try different medical protocols if the desired results are not achieved. Psychiatric care is closely monitored to ensure the patient receives the therapy and medications that manage underlying mental conditions while the individual is in treatment. Some conditions, such as anxiety and depression, depending on severity, may not require long-term medication.