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East Coast Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Every person will feel nervous once in a while, but if anxiety is interfering with your day-to-day life, you could be dealing with an anxiety disorder. The Counseling Center is able to help with comprehensice anxiety disorder treatment. Our extensive program of therapy, medication management, and dedicated healthcare will allow you to take charge of your anxiety so you feel assured and more like the person you want to be.

What Is Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety is a mental health condition that’s distinguished by severe or unmanageable nervousness, apprehension, and constant worry about day-to-day things. If you have anxiety, you may find yourself unexplainably distraught over simple activities and not able to manage insignificant stressors. When you experience these feelings, it can be difficult to get enjoyment out of life. Some anxiety disorders cause dread of particular things, like interacting with others or being out in public areas. Generalized anxiety disorder results in unreasonable worry over routine things, or has no particular cause.

There are many symptoms of anxiety disorders. Here is a list of the most frequently experienced:

  • Feeling tense, fearful, or restless for no obvious reason
  • Feeling a sense of danger, panic, or impending doom for no logical reason
  • Panic attacks
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Subpar concentration
  • Invasive, worrying thoughts
  • GI ailments
  • Periods of hyperventilation
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Trembling
  • Abnormal sweating
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • A desire to avoid your anxiety triggers
  • Difficulty or inability to manage worry

It’s challenging to live a joyful, prosperous life when anxiety is blocking your way forward. If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, reach out to The Counseling Center at 866-850-5001 and we’ll arrange an evaluation right away. Our trained clinicians are able to help you feel better and lead your life to the fullest.

What Is The The Counseling Center Approach To Treating Anxiety?

Now is the time to find professional help if your anxiety is detrimentally affecting your everyday life. The Counseling Center strives to help you function and get the most out of life despite your anxiety by supplying empathetic anxiety treatment.

We treat anxiety with customized care. When you arrive at our anxiety treatment center, we’ll give you an examination to understand your medical history and symptoms. At this point, we’ll finalize a care plan that is designed specifically for you. Our experienced clinicians will tailor evidence-based methodologies to address your specific needs and objectives.

Specialized Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety isn’t a condition that’s “cured,” but we will help you get control of your anxiety with therapy and prescription medications. Our credentialed therapists use various types of anxiety therapy, like:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to modify unhealthy patterns of behavior and thinking
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) to cultivate ways of coping with negative emotions
  • Trauma-informed therapy to explore the link between trauma and anxiety
  • Motivational interviewing to boost your internal motivation for changing your life for the better

Within therapy, you’ll learn how to change patterns of thought that result in anxiety, build mindfulness skills, and overcome traumatic experiences. Discussing your feelings and implementing positive coping strategies can diminish your anxiety and help you deal with those feelings in your day-to-day life.

Safe Medical Treatment For Anxiety

Our licensed personnel are also able to recommend medications for anxiety and other drugs for mitigating anxiety symptoms. Therapy and prescription treatments are a worthy pairing in fighting anxiety and helping you feel more balanced. We partner with you to determine a medication and dosage amount that is safe but beneficial. We also consult with you regularly to deal with negative side effects or modify treatment as necessary.

Why Choose Our Anxiety Treatment Center?

Everybody quality mental health care, and that’s precisely what you’ll receive at The Counseling Center. Our aim is to help you control your anxiety so you are able to do the things you wish to do. Everything about our services is developed with your needs and objectives in mind. To set you up for success, we provide the best possible care with things like

Get Started On Anxiety Therapy

If anxiety is keeping you down, assistance is at hand. Contact The Counseling Center at 866-850-5001 or complete the following form, and one of our representatives will reply promptly to explore treatment at our anxiety treatment center. We answer anytime, every day of the year.