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How You Can Tell If Your Antidepressant Is Not Working

June 07, 2024

Taking an antidepressant is often a necessary component of treatment if you are dealing with a depression disorder. Antidepressants might lessen symptoms of depression and help you live in the manner you want. But what if you still have debilitating depression symptoms in spite of taking the prescription?

Sadly, discovering the right antidepressant can be challenging. Not all antidepressants work for every individual. But you don’t have to throw in the towel on conquering depression if your current medication hasn’t helped. Here’s how you can tell if your antidepressant is not working anymore and some new treatments that could help.

Signals That Your Antidepressant Isn’t Working As It Should

You know it may take a bit of time for an antidepressant to improve your symptoms, and you might still endure occasional down days. However, you could be taking your medicine as prescribed, and those symptoms of depression may be just as severe. Is the medicine not effective, or are your expectations merely unreasonable?

To help you decide if you should consider switching out medications, explore these signs that your antidepressant is not working anymore .

Your Depression Hasn’t Changed Enough Or You’ve Seen No Difference

Your doctor likely warned you that it might take awhile before you experience the positive results of antidepressants. You also have to take your antidepressant as ordered. But if you haven’t seen any mitigation of symptoms after a few months of using your medicine, it probably isn’t going to work for you.

You Experience An Onset Of Unwanted Side Effects

It’s expected to have some side effects from antidepressants. Some may be bearable or go away after your medication is modified. But if your medication side effects are wreaking havoc on your life or causing you to be despondent, your antidepressant just isn’t working for you. After all, it’s supposed to improve your life!

Your Medication Wore Off Too Quickly

Did you feel better on your antidepressant in the beginning, but that positive change rapidly dissipated? Doctors believe it’s feasible to encounter a placebo effect when starting an antidepressant. Typically, antidepressants work after several weeks. If you felt an impact right after you began your medicine, it may have been from the expectation that the medicine would help.

You might have also developed a tolerance for the antidepressant. If it performed well for quite some time but unexpectedly stopped, you might require a different or larger dose.

What You Can Do If Antidepressants Aren’t Working In

If you detect any of these signals that your antidepressants aren't working , request an appointment with your psychiatrist or doctor right away. They can collaborate with you to modify your prescription or dose. They might also recommend lifestyle modifications and regular therapy along with medication.

What if you’ve attempted several antidepressants without any luck? Treatment-resistant depression is a very real concern, and you are deserving of help. If you’ve used a minimum of three separate antidepressants without a positive change in your condition, talk to your medical professional about the new prescriptions available for treatment-resistant depression and if you may be a viable candidate.

Antidepressants Not Working ? The Counseling Center Is Ready To Help

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