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AA Recorded Speakers: Great AA Speakers To Listen To On Tape

January 20, 2023

Getting to meetings may be difficult for some people in recovery from substance use. They may be ill or live in a place where meetings aren’t prevalent. Other people may have numerous meetings in their area but want to hear the AA message in their car or at home. Luckily, there is no shortage of AA recorded speaker tapes available on the Internet.

Previously, these coveted items could only be found at conventions or special AA functions. Today there are thousands of AA recorded speakers available at your fingertips. We’ve included some of our favorites below, including where to find them.

Benefits of Listening to AA Recorded Speakers

There are many benefits of listening to AA Speaker tapes, whether you’re able to go to meetings or not. Many people in recovery realize these benefits and often make speaker tapes a part of their everyday life. Here are some ways they can help:

  • Recorded speakers provide support when you need it

  • They provide a better understanding of addiction

  • They are convenient and easily accessible

  • They can provide encouragement

  • They help build deeper connections that keep you accountable

AA Speaker Tape Websites

AA recorded speakers have found a healthy following on the internet. A few of the best websites to find such recordings are:


XA-Speakers is well known among people who download AA speaker tapes. The site is free and easy to use. There are thousands of speaker tapes available so XA-Speakers is definitely worth checking out.


RecoveryAudio boasts over 5,000 individual speaker tapes and they are broken down into categories so you can filter them easily. Want to hear about the fifth step? There is a recording for that. Want to learn more about sponsorship? You can find that as well. This website has just about everything and is supported on your mobile device.


Similar to the others, AA-Speakers has a plethora of different recordings. You can find the Joe and Charlie Big Book Study as well as other famous speaker tapes. It is also mobile friendly.


Rocketed.org is a smaller website than the others. What is interesting is that it has some well-known South Florida circuit speakers. All of the recordings are available for streaming. It’s definitely worth a look.

AA Recorded Speakers You Should Check Out

The list below has some of the most well-known AA circuit speakers ever. Their recordings can be found on just about every AA speaker tape website and their messages and knowledge of the program are something every member should hear. This is not a comprehensive list and some of your favorites may be left off. But if you are looking for good AA speakers, this is a great place to start.

Chuck C

Chuck C is well known for the famous talks he has given and for the book “A New Pair Of Glasses”. The book is actually the transcript from a talk he gave in California. His insight and wit make him an enjoyable speaker. Regardless of how long you’ve been sober, Chuck C is relatable and always offers some new tidbit of knowledge that can help in your sobriety.

Bill W

Hearing AA’s co-founder talk about the program is something that every member of AA should experience. There are a number of his talks on various speaker tape websites and hearing him gives new life to the Big Book. Forgive the sound quality as some are over 50 years old!

Joe and Charlie

Famous in the recovery community for Big Book Studies, Joe and Charlie are a must listen for anyone seeking a better understanding of Alcoholics Anonymous. Their entire study can be found online. While it is rather long, it is great to listen to in the car or anywhere else. If you’ve never heard of Joe and Charlie, check them out today.

Sandy B

Sandy B is a well-known speaker, especially in Florida, and his recordings can be found on the listed websites or even YouTube. Sandy has a great delivery. His insights in recovery are something that everyone should hear.

Milt L

Milt L has a recording online called “Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps” and it is definitely worth listening to. Though the talk was given almost 20 years ago, it is still relevant today. His take on the steps and AA in general is simple and easy.

Clancy I

Last but not least is Clancy I. Clancy is one of the most famous AA speakers and his talks are well known by just about everyone in recovery. He can be found on nearly all AA speaker tape websites. His talks are funny and easy to listen to. If you are looking for somewhere to start, Clancy is a great choice.

The Counseling Center Is Here To Help

Speaker tapes are a great tool in the arsenal of someone in recovery and should be used in combination with other programs or treatment. If you would like help with drug or alcohol addiction, call The Counseling Center at 866-850-5001 and learn more about our outpatient programs.