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Tips For Staying Sober During The Holidays

December 02, 2022

Holidays can be hard for everyone. But for people recovering from addiction, this time of year is even more difficult. Everywhere you go, you’ll find individuals enjoying a drink. And if you’re feeling the holiday blues like many others, you can’t resort to your old crutch of using alcohol or drugs. Instead, you have to weather the storm as best you can.

While it can be difficult, getting through the season doesn’t have to be insurmountable. In fact, you can make it through just fine by following these simple tips for staying sober during the holidays. If you need other assistance, The Counseling Center is always here for you.

Tip #1: Keep Up With Your Meetings

If you are traveling for the holidays, getting to meetings can sometimes be difficult. More than likely you won’t have a car and you may not know where the meetings are held. Just make sure you don’t go too long without attending. Not only are meetings important for your recovery, but they can also give you a much-needed break from family if you get overwhelmed.

Tip #2: Limit Time With Relatives Who Push Your Buttons

We all have relatives who know how to rile us up. Before getting sober, you may have engaged with them by getting into arguments or just silently scorning them. Now that you are trying to stay sober, you don’t need to subject yourself to this. There’s no need to be rude, but you can walk away, set up boundaries, and limit the time you spend with them.

Tip #3: Have An Exit Strategy If You Start Getting Cravings

If you find that you are uncomfortable around all of the liquor being served at a family function, be sure to have an exit strategy. You might make arrangements in advance to borrow a car from a family member so you can go to a meeting. If this isn’t possible, have a plan in place to go out for a walk or make a phone call to simply clear your head.

Tip #4: Avoid Trying To Stay Sober in The Holidays Alone

Some people don’t have the option of spending holidays with their family. This might be because they aren’t on good terms, they simply can’t make it home, or their family is no longer around. This can be especially difficult for those in recovery. If you find yourself in this situation, reach out to friends and make plans so you’re not by yourself. Being alone can lead to depression and potentially a relapse.

Tip #5: Have Reasonable Expectations For The Holidays

Don’t overestimate how wonderful the holidays will be like you might have done as a child. Go in with reasonable expectations. Just because you are sober doesn’t mean everything will be perfect. Doing this will help you avoid the letdown of not having your expectations met.

Tip #6: Be Careful Of What You Eat Or Drink

There is a lot of food and drink offered during the holidays, and sometimes liquor may be mixed in. Being conscious of what you put in your body is a good way to avoid ingesting alcohol accidentally, which could lead to problems.

Having Trouble Staying Sober During The Holidays? Get Help Today

Even when following the tips above, you may find staying sober during the holidays is too much to do on your own. If you need help, The Counseling Center is here for you. Call 866-850-5001 any time day or night, 365 days a year.