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The Counseling Center Now In-Network with United Healthcare: Enhancing Accessibility and Affordability of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatments in New Jersey

June 17, 2024

Contract Expands Access in New Jersey Communities to Quality Treatment Services and Behavioral Health Facilities

Toms River, NJ – June 18th, 2024—The Counseling Center (TCC) proudly announces its new status as an in-network provider with United Healthcare (UHC) across all ten of its New Jersey locations. This significant development is part of The Counseling Center’s ongoing commitment to making high-quality treatment services more accessible and affordable.

Enhancing Access to Quality Care

With this contract, The Counseling Center will offer in-network substance use disorder and mental health treatment services to UHC members at its state-of-the-art facilities. This agreement allows The Counseling Center to enhance its individualized outpatient programs, equipping clients with the skills necessary for sober and productive lives.

The Counseling Center, a leading provider of personalized treatment services, operates fourteen locations nationwide, offering medically supervised outpatient programs to help individuals address their mental health and start their recovery journey.

Comprehensive Coverage for UHC Members

UHC members are now covered for a full spectrum of treatment services, including outpatient programs, mental health services, and medication-assisted treatment.

Its members can now expect reduced copays and insurance, as well as streamlined administrative processes, such that they can focus on their behavioral health recovery without the added stress of financial concerns.

Innovative Treatments- Spravato and Medication Management

The Counseling Center’s New Jersey locations will now offer in-network services, including innovative depression treatments such as Spravato.

Additionally, TCC delivers expert medication management as an element of our mental health services with clinical staff prescribing and monitoring medications to ensure patient safety.

Commitment to Expanding Access

With a team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge facilities, The Counseling Center offers top-tier care to its clients. The UHC contract strengthens the company’s strategic objective to partner with more insurers, thereby providing high-quality services to a broader population seeking assistance with substance use disorders while managing patient costs.

“The new in-network status demonstrates a commitment to broadening access to high-quality outpatient treatment for individuals seeking recovery. We are excited to become members of the UHC network to make our mental health and addiction services more accessible to those in need," said Stephanie Zitani, MS, LAC, LCA, Executive Director of The Counseling Center.

“Mental health can be a complex and overwhelming challenge, but with the right support and resources, recovery is possible. In New Jersey, we are committed to providing the necessary help and support for individuals in our community to overcome mental health or substance use disorders and build a foundation for lasting recovery,” she added.

Expanding Network for Greater Reach

Ms. Zitani emphasized the significance of these contracts, stating, “Quality treatment services are vital for those in need. By expanding our network, we can now offer effective, evidence-based care to more New Jersey residents seeking support on their recovery journey.”

Strengthening Strategic Goals with Praesum Healthcare

The UHC contract enables The Counseling Center—and its umbrella organization, Praesum Healthcare—to fortify its strategic goal of partnering with more insurers to offer high-quality services to even more individuals in the state who need help with substance use disorders while managing patient costs. Praesum collaborates with providers like UHC to send a clear message of its commitment to evidence-based treatment and to provide meaningful information to help individuals choose the right program and treatment partner: https://www.praesumhealthcare.com/thecounselingcenter

For more information or to explore treatment options with a licensed counselor at The Counseling Center, please call 866-850-5001.

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